Safety4Horses equestrian ventilation

Safety4Horses equestrian ventilation - happy horse - happy owner

Safety4Horses equestrian ventilation - happy horse - happy owner

Our Safety4Horses equestrian ventilation supplied by RoofWhirlys4Africa greatly improves the comfort of you and your horse.....

Barn and arena ventilation is critical for the health of horses and their caretakers.

Have you ever walked into a stuffy or uncomfortable-feeling barn?  How about an indoor arena where you were dripped on, even though it wasn't raining outside?  And a stable that is humid with very little airflow? It really is a miserable experience for you and your horse. What went wrong? Many horse people and builders agree that the most common mistake in barn construction is failure to provide adequate ventilation.  Luckily good ventilation can be inexpensively retrofitted onto existing buildings.

Natural Ventilation

Safety4Horses paddock fencing, equestrian ventilation, showjumping equip incl safety jump cups, mechanical vaulting barrel etc

Safety4Horses paddock fencing, equestrian ventilation, showjumping equip incl safety jump cups, mechanical vaulting barrel etc

The Safety4Horses equestrian ventilation solution for horses taps into nature to naturally cool and freshen the air in our barn, stables and indoor arenas.

Air naturally separates into layers with temperature and moisture. The old adage "hot air rises" is true. The Safety4Horses ventilation system takes advantage of this and taps into natural airflow to keep our equine buildings comfortable.  Furthermore there is a double win!!!  The rising warm / hot air absorbs excess moisture in the building so the Safety4Horses ventilation system removes excess heat and moisture !!! The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture in its Horse Farm Ventilation Fact Sheet ( says that with every 10°C increase in temperature, the moisture-holding capacity of the air approximately doubles.


Draught-free, fresh air for you and your horse

The Safety4Horses equestrian ventilation circulates draught-free fresh air through your equestrian facility drawing out the hot, odour-full, moist, stale air you will often have experienced in your barn, stable or other equestrian facility.

Roof vent sizes for ventilation for equestrian

If you require ventilation for a large building (open plan barn or indoor arena) then the ideal size is the 500mm roof vent.  The 500mm roof turbine ventilator is easier to fit then a roof vent with a larger throat.  because you can fit without cutting through both sides of the sheet.  This reduces the requirement for a stiffening frame or structure underneath.  The 500mm roof vents move more air than a smaller roof vent therefore requiring fewer for the same extraction.   Our 240mm RoofWhirly4Africa roof turbine ventilation systems are ideal for individual stables and your stable yard office.  The advantage of our 240mm roof vent is it fits very well on a tiled roof.  This 240mm roof turbine vent replaces a single tile on the roof whereas anything with a larger throat diameter requires a space that is bigger than one tile.  These smaller RoofWhirlys4Africa 240mm roof vents are available in silver, green and terracotta to match your roof colour.

RoofWhirlys4Africa ventilation systems are durable, corrosion and dent proof

Our RoofWhirlys4Africa standard roof mounted wind turbine ventilators are corrosive and dent proof.  They are manufactured from a high quality durable plastic stabilised with UV and heat stabilisation to last at least 10 years in the African sun.  The plastic is slightly flexible with an excellent memory allowing the RoofWhirlys4Africa roof vent to bounce rather than dent.  These roof vents have an aluminium spindle and steel rivets and screws.  RoofWhirlys4Africa roof vents are completely covered by our comprehensive 5 year warranty (we include wear and tear in our guarantee).

Completely serviceable - spares are readily available and inexpensive

You will have seen bent and buckled metal or aluminium whirlybird type vents on commercial and industrial buildings.  A completely unique feature incorporated into the design of all of our RoofWhirlys4Africa wind turbine ventilation systems is they are completely serviceable.  Furthermore we ensure spares are readily available and inexpensive.  You will be delighted with our customer-centric design that means you do not have to completely replace your roof vent if it is damaged.

RoofWhirlys4Africa Toilet / Sewer vents

We also have a toilet / sewer range suitable for outside toilets, sewers and waterless toilet systems etc.  There are four models in the sewer / toilet vent range, two to fit a 110mm PVC pipe (325mm vane diameter, and 250mm vane diameter), a toilet / sewer vent to fit a 150mm PVC pipe and a toilet / sewer vent to fit a 240mm PVC pipe.

Theft proof

Our RoofWhirlys4Africa ventilation systems are plastic which means they have very little resale value (unlike the metal whirlybird type vents).  This significantly reduces the risk of theft. 


Horse ventilation is a VERY different requirement than ventilation for your home

Barns are very different environments than houses.  Horses naturally produce a large amount of moisture through respiration, sweat, urination, and defecation, to name a few, and sometimes we wash them in the barn.  All of this makes the environment far more humid than you experience in your office or home.  Furthermore high humidity increases odour problems, pathogens thrive and grow, mould flourishes on wood, rust forms on fixtures, and horses can develop respiratory illnesses.

For these reasons, humidity is not a good thing in a barn, and barns and arenas need an increased air exchange rate to keep the animals comfortable.  While agricultural engineers recommend four to eight air exchanges per hour we (supported by research) believe that 10 air exchanges / changes per hour should be the goal.  (An air exchange means your whole building is replaced with fresh air).  This is far more than your home where you probably require as little as 4 air exchanges / changes per hour.

The design elements of the RoofWhirlys4Africa ventilation solution, aid natural ventilation and work in concert to take advantage of nature's ability to move air.  Air naturally stratifies and moves around a space even when there is no wind. Warm air is less dense and tends to rise.

Roof and Vents

 The roof is a key element in any ventilation dynamic. Especially in barns and arenas, the moist warm air needs an effective means of escape. Ventilating your equine facilities is critically important for your horses' and your own health and well-being.  Taking advantage of natural ventilation is the best way to design your facility for long-term comfort.  Horses have a unique ventilation requirements.  While human comfort is important, animal comfort reigns supreme in the barn.

Remember the unique character of a barn environment means you will need to exchange air much more often that you might in your house to keep your horses comfortable and healthy.

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